PatientPilot – A Mobile Coach for Patients and Caregivers 


*Questions to ask doctors

*When to seek a second opinion

*How to understand test results

*How to understand treatment options

*How to make medical decisions

*Free basic version available

*Customized versions for licensing

*Can be optimized for specific diseases and patient populations

World-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center says, PatientPilot “can help you become an empowered patient. It’s your mobile medical navigator, coaching you on your journey through the healthcare system…”

ABC News Radio says “Patient Pilot is an app to save your life… a Medical GPS”

PatientPilot is available in the iTunes App Store (an Android version is coming).

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Why PatientPilot?

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office feeling apprehensive, overwhelmed by information and uncertain about what questions to ask? Have you walked out of the doctor’s office having forgotten something the doctor said and regretting what questions you didn’t ask? You’re not alone. Just about every patient has had the same experience at one time or another. PatientPilot can help you become an empowered patient.  PatientPilot’s guidance is gleaned from more than 125 authoritative sources in the medical and patient advocacy communities. PatientPilot is there when you need it – not just at home, but in the waiting room, during an appointment, in the hospital room and at the pharmacy.

PatientPilot does not provide medical advice, diagnostic services, treatment or referrals. 

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Who Created PatientPilot?

PatientPilot is a product of mPatient Solutions LLC.  The founder of mPatient Solutions and the creator of PatientPilot is Grant Perry, a digital media entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas.   Grant is a seasoned media executive, journalist and educator, and is a lawyer and member of the Washington, DC Bar.  A former award-winning journalist for CNN in New York and London, Grant also has extensive experience in business development and marketing, and in creating a variety of digital content, including long and short form video as well as websites and apps.  He has worked at senior levels of companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals such as Olivetti. Grant also has taught graduate courses about trends in digital media and journalism at Johns Hopkins University and American University.  He is currently based in Austin, Texas.

Grant, who comes from a family of physicians and public health experts, is passionate about the needs of patients and their families. His passion grows from experience. Diagnosed more than 20 years ago with a very rare disorder, Perry has been examined, studied and treated at such medical centers as Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the National Institutes of Health, Germany’s Hannover Medical School, the UK’s Middlesex Hospital (now closed) and the London Clinic. Grant’s long medical journey has given him what he hopes is valuable perspective that will enable PatientPilot to make a genuine difference for patients. Grant explains why he created PatientPilo in this video.

PatientPilot Founder, Grant Perry

PatientPilot Founder, Grant Perry


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PatientPilot does not provide medical advice, diagnostic services, treatment or referrals.
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